Friday, July 5, 2013

Video: Singer Hany Shaker Loses His Shit Over The Military Coup ##Egypt

Hany Shaker has not been known for many happy songs, he does romantic, classical and bluesy songs. He called the state TV and congratulated everyone after president Morsi was given the boot by the military generals. He said a lot of things, but he said, "I cannot gather my mind with all this good news" He sent his best wishes to the people, the police and the army--the young and old and guys and the gals. He even quoted Abdel Nasir. And has even talking down on America.

I am certain the artist loves Egypt, I hope he can see those who disagree with them as loving the land as much as he boasts about. Then he did what he does best, he sang the national anthem. I wish Egypt well, and hope things work out for the best.

الفنان هاني شاكر يفقد اعصابه من الفرحه بعزل مرسي و يغني عالهواء


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