Thursday, July 11, 2013

Listen: Not Just Another Rap Song About Prophet Mohammad Mc Dahab | Emamy #Ramadan

There are many songs that celebrate the prophet of Islam, many of them are good, others are not as much. But few are those who will teach you something that you do not already know, few those songs where the singer convinces you that he really likes this figure and takes his teachings seriously.

The hottest young rapper in Egypt has a new song, that got his fans to talk once again about his versatile style and flow. He only sings his own writing, so you know every word he says he had to bleed out form his senses. This is why the message of MC Dahab lands in the heart and soul. His flow is perfect for a rapper who chooses Arabic as his delivery of those messages. His technique does not feel old and his beats reveal a great deal of complexity.

But nothing compares to his creativity and resourcefulness. A lot of Hip hop today is lacking this as well as many other aspects of a good rapper I have just mentioned. MC Dahab is a gifted rapper who only raps about what matters to him most, and this time he chose to celebrate Prophet Mohammad with a a song that reads like a love letter that has been crafted by a fighter. There is plenty of history from he glory days of Islam about power and justice. He also manged to mention the besieged city of Jerusalem.

I can relate to this song and the emotions channeled by Dahab. The song can be about bullying and not letting it get into one's head. How could you not appreciate those metaphors he spits out flawlessly? While, I do have faith in Dahab and once day he will be the next big thing, his faith is hard to miss--he is a firm believer and unapologetically so. Yes, the prophet was bullied and he took the higher road both when he was weak and when he was strong.

The raps is about the light brought by the prophet, for at least the rapper this seems to be very real. Dahab leaves the song take the center stage, he is always been clear about not bring the swagger type. I respect that, Dahab seems to only want to copy the essence of rap not the outfit and the jargon. as an Egyptian rapper, MC Dahab abandoned politics and chose a rather more interesting topic--one where more of us can agree on which is the history of Islam and it's prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)

Mc Dahab | Emamy


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