Monday, July 8, 2013

Egyptain Nour Ashour Shines With A Saxophone

Not many musicians who do not sing make music video, but it seems the good ones who have a unique talent would eventually star in music video. I am watching the music played on a saxophone by Nour Ashour who wanted to tell a story while being a street artist who meet s a girl in the streets of Paris.

A good concept, and sweet music by a smooth sax player. I am certain he has done some work in concerts, but those often do not help musicians self-esteem, a music video like this one does. Like his glasses, his scarf and the model. The storyboard tells the never tired romantic tale.

This is the kind of music, one listens to when he/she is trying to relax
Baftekrak - Nour Ashour بافتكرك - نور عاشور


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