Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Listen: CairoKee "Will Carry On" New Single اغنية فريق كايروكى - مكملين

The mighty rock band from Egypt Cairokee has a hot new single, about keeping on--all of us will keep on. The song feels indie and calls for unity, but it's really vague and its popularity will stem from that. Each side will find this song about them.

Among the many bands which emerged after the Mubarak regime collapsed, this band stands tall. They have survived it all and have manged to make money and never lose a fan. They have done many ads, appeared on top TV shows, performed around the world and maintained their indie feel.

I know for fact, they were not fans of the Mursi regime, but they chose to be on the side of all people of Egypt. Unlike many entertainers in Egypt. This time, they bring out a strong vocal guest, Nesma Haraky, a beloved indie artist who has collaborated with Cairokee in the past. This song is a poem by the street poet and winner of Arabs Got Talent Hisham El Gokh--see the poem version below.

The sad part, this is a really good songs that is being used to sell soft drinks in Egypt during the month of Ramadan.

كايروكى ونسمة هركى - مكملين | النسخه الكامله

اغنية فريق كايروكى - مكملين CD Q 320 Kbps النسخة الاصلية

هشام الجخ قصيده مكملين علي موسيقي فريق كايروكي


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