Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Syrian Noor Araksousi Adele Of Arabia!

Some people who followed the Voice thought she would win the title, she had one thing going for her--a strong voice that can reach the sky. She is the Adele of the contest and the judges loved her so very much. But then she switched to Arabic and classical songs--she shocked them with her smooth performance. Her voice is perfect for experiencing different genres of music like Arabic, Jazz, Funk, Pop, and Rock music and she has shown she can sing and live without air for our entertainment.

Why not, when she comes form Syria, a land well-known as a powerhouse in producing voices that sound authentic and capable of doing so much more than your average pop song. Well Noor Araksousi did not win the title, but she will appear in concerts along with Kadim Al Saher when he takes the stage in Lebanon. While Noor started singing inside Syria in 2006, she shot to fame when she appeared on the Voice earlier this year.

I wish we had more time, and more resource to get those voices out in the world. Noor is a true supernova that has yet to release an original song--cannot wait, the song will come after Ramadan. check her out with the video below. Kadim was her mentor on the Voice and he seems to have taken an interest in her career. She stands tall among the stars and they know she is one of those voices even artists love to hear her voice.

نور عرقسوسي "Someone Like You" - #احلى_صوت #MBCTheVoice

نور عرقسوسي "You Lost Me" ‏- #MBCTheVoice


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