Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is Stalking Ever OK? See This Video

Cool kids think they can get away with pretty much anything. So they use their cuteness and stalk, chase, and harass females on the streets. Girls might give Samo Zaen a pass for doing his stalking. But then the sickos out there, who are not that good looking (but still think they are) would copy Samo Zaen and do the same thing.

Then it's no longer cute, and its criminal. I know ladies know what I am talking about here. Stalking should never be allowed to be cool for this reason. Unwanted verbal or physical harassment is all too common around the world. The few women who welcome them are making it harder for the rest of them. Granted men are pigs and they are the root of the problem....

the music video form Samo Zaen is making it diffcult phase out stalking women on the streets.

 Betmassel Ala Meen - Samo Zaen بتمثل على مين - سامو زين


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