Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Fuzzy Jad Khalife Wins The Hearts And Minds!

Jad Khalifa (Jad Khalife) is the reincarnation of his peer Fadel Shaker, he is few years his junior too. Fadel is an icon who walked away from his legacy and wants to be left alone--we respect that. But we miss him, and I am glad Jad Khalifa has the sound and the talent that reminds us of Fadel.

The new single about yearning, a romantic gooey song from the bleeding heart. I am a fan, count me in folks, Jad knows how to dazzle. This young Lebanese talent knows how to reach out across the gender line--his soul speaks to the ladies and his mind locks in the guys.

He does it with the powerful and emotional lyrics which he takes in, then he spits them out with such warm manner that cannot be mistaken for anything else.
جاد خليفة الحنين 2013


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