Monday, July 15, 2013

WATCH: Aljazeera Puts Egyptian Media And Its Pundits To Shame #Egypt

If you understand Arabic, you will learn a great deal about how corrupt the Egyptian media really is. If you do not, then this report talks about a number of examples where the Egyptian media is reverting back to the old days where Mubarak was the enlighten one. They talk smack about Khalid Said now--the kid whose murder started the January 25th protests. The official state media used to be corrupt under Mubarak and now they are defending the shutting of other media outlets because they disagree with them. I think this is really sad when the entire country is being taken for a ride.

I do not know what to think, these shameless talking heads really hate democracy and diversity---they are enjoying they murder of the Brotherhood and their placement in jail. They are dancing on their graves--even before they have been killed. Those folks forget that those people are Egyptians too--who live next door to them. This is really shameful and the world is watching how the media in Egypt is becoming a whore- even one of its supposed heroes Bassem Yousef criticized its tactic and called it out.

I disagree with many things Aljazeera does, but this time, they provided a clear list of examples--take one actors mocking the regime and calling them crazy while dancing. Another is sticking his tongue out and few others are saluting the army--the one that orchestrated the coup. If they really cared about the army--they would not stick support them when they screw up. I hate to say it but those liberals lost three elections in one year and what they could not get through the ballot box, they took back with a tank.

تقرير لقناة الجزيرة يفضح كذب الاعلام المصري


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