Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Asma Lmnawar, A Diva Or A Wedding Songstress?

Asma Lmnawar, one of Morocco's finest voices from the past decade is giving away his talent. Talented she is, she has all the right ingredients of a super diva. Her voice is so passionate without being overbearing. Warm without being to sobby.  Magical without being too woody. In short she is the right balance of all makings of a pop diva.

Talent alone does not pay the bills, she has bills to pay and a family to provide for. So she left all thing since songs most Arabs adore, and put her voice to a good use, making music for the Khalij--Gulf. If what you are good at does not pay the bills and does not make you feel good, then leave it.

Asma must have her way exactly for her songs to be so perfect. She is truly loved. I find it to be unhelpful to transform from being a mainstream star into a wedding singer for wealthy families in the Gulf region. Not that, I hate money, but a little balance goes a long way.

She is the female performer whose extremely talented without being imperious. She can be a drama queen as her talent permits somewhat uncouth behavior. However, Asma seems to be very proyfessional and and has a low tolerance for incompetence. Again this title is not something I throw around easily, a diva is NOT just some no-talent pop singer who thinks everyone should acquiesce to her every whim. Asma is a class act, who has not time to waste with half baked talents.

حصريا أغنية أسماء المنور - أدري

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