Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Download Greatest Hits Because I'm an Arab @HotArabicMusic #Palestine #rap

Download Link

Mik Eraif, the manger of the rap group MWR is giving away the band's greatest hits album, free of charge for readers of Hot Arabic Music and their friends. He has asked me to share the download link with the world. He knows his rappers are worth your time and he wants to give you their album for free.

The dropbox link is below, and hope you like this album. This is a good album, and I have come to enjoy the various styles and talents that came together to bring it out. With more than twenty tracks of different songs about different topics, I know you are in for a treat. Keep on mind, while many of their tracks are about Palestine, many of their fan base happen to be Israelis who see eye to eye with some of those lyrics.

Download Link

MWR & DAM - 3aref Nafsak !!( il Mic Jambak )


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