Friday, July 12, 2013

Is Toni Hana The Arab Elvis?

The legendary Lebanese rock star Toni has traveled the world performing to droves of people who love his music and most of all his signature outfits. He comes across as a nice guy and sweet entertainer. But he seems to have never give in to aging. Just look at his most recent music video from two years ago.

He can still take a swing  and dazzle you with his moves. Just like Elivs, Tony has transformed rock n roll and was one of the first huge rock stars. His voice was just beautiful and he sang with real emotion, joy, soul and tenderness. Both are classic, who across over age and gender groups. not just talent but a personality. Both are charismatic with a strong stage presence.

Toni made music accessible, made it cool, it's not longer an exclusive club for sophisticated people one loves to hate. Like Elvis, Toni was never the only singer, he was just the best of his era. And he had a charisma that drew everyone to him. I think Toni lived in the States for some time in Detroit and he may have been influenced by Elivs.

Elvis too since the beginning was very handsome dude, and had a stage presence to him for someone of that day. He was different from other idols. The previous idol before him was Frank Sinatra! (Yes, when our grandparents were teens, Sinatra was the man). In a nutshell, witty, talented, excruciatingly humble and draws people his way.

Dina Hayek & Toni Hanna - Tal El Sahar / دينا حايك و طوني حنا - طال السهر


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