Thursday, July 25, 2013

WATCH: نانسي حوا - كل سنة / Nancy Hawa - Kul Sana #Haifa #Palestine

She has that dramatic voice best equipped to tell the Palestinian story through a mixture of love and tragedy. She is the daughter of the enchanting city of Haifa--known for its scenic beaches. Nancy Hawa takes us on a tour to the parts we rarely see. Her soundtrack provides a narrative for that city.

While I love her mellow style and bluesy sounds, I have come to love the music video and the way it was filmed. Nancy is one of half a dozen Palestinian artists who live within what is now known as the state of Israel.  Among whom are the likes of Dalal Abu Amneh, Ceder Zyton, Reem Al Bana and many more. They mystery of their beautiful voice and touching stories might have something to do with the captivating nature, and being forced to live a complex identity and a deeply rooted affliction.

Nancy Hawa is well-traveled, she performed in Casablanca and collected an award there. She continues to entertain her fans both Palestinians and Israelis who appreciate her style and adore her grace. People come for her music, but stay for her charm.

I like how cassy artists like Nancy Hawa are, they do not involve themselves in porn-grade material like most pop artists do. Instead they reach back do retro songs form the past yet have a forward sight. Jazz meets, blues, meets poetry. This is the formula why so many Palestinians artists tend to do better than Palestinians living in the occupied territories. Her breakout song is "Kul Sana" is about love and friendship.

Before going solo, Nancy Hawa used to perform with Salma Band, a popular dance troupe, which gives away the fact of her perfect talent in live performances accompanied by a live orchestra. However her first public performance was actually at a friend's wedding where she accompanied by her dance troupe. Before this week, she has been doing covers for songs by the likes of Magida El Roumi. But now, she has a song she can call it her own. Her's her third solo song that reveals a lot of promises, you be the judge.

نانسي حوا - كل سنة / Nancy Hawa - Kul Sana


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