Monday, July 15, 2013

WATCH: Stand up Comedy Show Before It Was Cool #Egypt

This clip is from a 1984 film (شوارع من نار) Streets of Fire, the actor you see is the late Najah Al Moojy. No one does goofy like he does. Check out this stand up comedy/music bit he does. If you know Arabic, he tells a funny story made out of tongue twisters. The story is about someone getting engaged and those random residential areas around Cairo.

It's impressive how he did this in one take, or so it seems. We miss people like this, after all we did have stand up comedy in Egypt, so we are in a good shape. I love how he uses his hands to illustrate the story. Then he stops the song to tell a joke.

Najah passed away in 1998, he has appeared in 10 films, 10 plays and eight TV series. He started his career in the late sixties and we have all grown fond of his funny ways.

 نجاح الموجى - حنكورة حكالنا حكاية


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