Sunday, July 14, 2013

WATCH: Hair Gel Makes Ramadan Prayer Better #Ramadan كريم صالح - يا رب

I have no idea who Karem Saleh, but thanks to his two Ramadan prayers now we have a clue. This man with a sweet voice delivers two fine prayers for the holy month. Spiritual is one thing, but he has also to be looking stylish.

Those are often accompanied by images of nature. Karem wrote the music and performed, the lyrics are not his work. I know the young artist has been making the rounds in the local music scene in Egypt parties and small concerts. Now his two clips have been picked by Melody and they will play throughout this Ramadan

Karem Saleh - Da'eif / كريم صالح - ضعيف

Karem Saleh - Ya Rab / كريم صالح - يا رب


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