Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Video: Diva Sings Live In Tahrir Square bullhorn microphone #Egypt #Morsi غادة رجب تساند التمرد وتغني في ميدان التحرير فيديو

Ghada Raghab stood in the demonstrations in Tahrir Square and sang with her pals some songs about Egypt and for Egypt. The go to song is the one by Shadia, this song everyone knows--even non Egyptians.

Ghada has turned into an activist and called on people to come down to Tahrir Square protest President Morsi--do not have fear, come out and join us, I will be in Tahrir she said. It's not easy to sing using a bullhorn microphone--note the ladies who stood shoulder to shoulder to men of the Square.

The flag flying high and the spirits are high. Unlike the first revolution, this revolution has already many songs for it even before it began. The January 25th 2011 revolution, the songs came after the fact. For the June 30, the songs have been made prior to that date, during and after

غادة رجب تساند التمرد وتغني في ميدان التحرير فيديو


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