Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yosra (The Voice) And Kadim Together In Concert

Yosra studied under Kathem Al Saher during her tme at the Voice, while she did not bring home the title, she got to make many friend and impress the media. Among her wishes was to sing with her teacher Kadim. And things show she will have her wish.

While in Tunisia for a concert, Kadim are set to share the stage with Yosra and performed with her. The Tunisian young performer was head over heels for this collaboration. They will appear in June in Beet Al Deen concert, and in Carthage in an August concert timed around the Eid.

Kadim has collaborate with many female artists, among them Magida El Roumi, Ghada Raghab and Asma Lemnawar from Morocco.

Yosra & Kadhim_Hia Whay Whouwa | يسرا وكاظم_هي وهاي وهو


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