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The List Of Egyptian Celebrities Against Morsi (Almost Everybody!) #Egypt

It does not seem that pop star Tamer Hosny is ready to go back to Tahrir Square, he is in America hanging out with other pop stars. But there's no shortage of celebrities willing to take on the Morsi regime. 
  1. Khalid Salim, the muscular singer form Egypt--has a sweet voice and has no time to waste to he protested next to one of the presidential palaces and sang with the masses. He also sang pro army songs and spoke about change. 
  2. Amer Wakid, the smartest and best looking protester among those celebrities. He neither approved of Mubarak/The army/The Brotherhood. He is just a die hard protester all around. He has never shied away from a good marsh. He was the first to protest in Tahrir January 25th. 
  3. Tamer Hosny did issue you a statement on Twitter celebrating the army's new statement where they would take over withing 48 hours had the protests not been resolved. He seems to be giddy for the Egyptian general Sissy.  
  4. Ahmed Fahmy, fresh from his hosting gig at the Arab Idol was down in the streets protesting the regime. He was joined by his band-mate Shamy and Egyptian young firecracker Ahmed Atieh--the guy who took part of a rally for Mubarak in 2011. 
  5. Boshra, the songstress/actress delivered a baby girl recently and now she is protesting Morsi--she held a read card and asked the president to depart. She also sported an Egyptian messenger bag  
  6. Sherihan, did a smart thing, she wants to make sure the army is away from the civil government. She is with the protests of June 30th.
  7. Samo Zain who is from Syria and refuses to talk about the crisis at his home found time to meddle in Egypt politics. He is popular with club going, party loving youngsters. 
  8. Angham, the songstress lead the pack from Zamalik neighborhood. This is her first time protesting ever. She did not protest Mubarak. 
  9. Ahmed Hilmy protest to and walked in a demonstration sporting a red card that reads (Go Out/Get Out) He did protest Mubarak in the last two days of his regime.
  10. Mona Zaky, the actress who did protest Mubarak in his last two days, went out on the first day against president Morsi and walked with the protesters along with her husband. Mona carried an old show in defiance for the regime. She would not have done this against Mubarak, which tells you Egypt has a lot more freedom now?
  11. Ahmed Rattib, the well-known Egyptian actor has been blunt, we only got impurity fro those Brotherhood and their supporters, I am marching against the regime. He had nothing to say about the Mubarak regime for years. 
  12. Yosra who found nothing wrong with the Mubarak regime, was quick to march against the current regime and asked the president to go home. 
  13. Elham Chahine, the actress that sued and won a case against a TV preacher who called her prostitute and such marched with her peers. She did not protest Mubarak or commented on the January 25th revolution.
  14. Kareem Abed Al Zeez also marched, he did not protest Mubarak and his in laws were part of the Mubarak regime, but he found the time to march against president Morsi 
  15. Hany Ramzy, the funnyman and actor stood and marched with the demonstrators. He has a show where he also mocked the brotherhood. He stayed mum on Mubarak and his many years of rule.
  16. Sabry Fawaz--no idea who this actor is, but he has taken part of the June 30, 2013 protests. 
  17. Rajaa Al Jadawy, she did not march against Mubarak, but she was among the first to protest Morsi and his regime. She did not spend a great time in the demonstration but she did show up. She did had a one line joke about a former Mubarak business partner in one of her shows in 2011
  18. Mohammad Hamaki, the singer who sang for Egypt but never showed up to protest Mubarak--yet he sang for the dictator of Bahrain marched against Morsi and his one year term. Hamaki does not approve of Morsi. Hamaki marched to the headquarter of the brotherhood party along with many of his fans.
  19. Ahmed Saad, the beloved actor with sweet voice marched and protested the Morsi regime. Ahmed Saad did show up to Tahrir early February 2011 to protest Mubarak. He sang with the protesters many of those nationalistic songs.
  20. Abu El Leef- the oddball singer took part of a demonstration against Morsi but he was not welcome--supposedly he was asked to leave
  21. Ahmed Adam, also got ejected from the demonstration as the protesters did not welcome him. Adam has been mocking the brotherhood regime on his show that has very low rating. He showed up to Tahrir and then was asked to leave by one account.
  22. The head of the Egyptian Singers Guild quit his post in solidarity with the protesters. In fairness, he was very unpopular and was facing some challenged. 
  23. Khalid El Nabawy, the actor who has made some international films protested in Tahrir and has been blazing the Twitter news, he urged the police to protect the ladies form sexual harassment and assault. He did march against Mubarak and was a leader on the square for some time.
  24. Khalid Saleh, the beloved actor rode in the back of a truck and sang with his fellow protesters for Egypt, he joined other celebrities in protesting the Morsi regime. Saleh did not march against Mubarak.
  25. Kahlid El Sawy, the lefty actor rode in the truck and joined the masses in protesting the regime. He was also among the first actors to protest Mubarak and show him the door. 
  26. Hussien Fahmy, the handsome actor from the eighties marched as well--he did not comment on the Jan 25th Revolution.
  27. Nadia Al Jundy, the actress who played strong female lead character marched with her peers to the presidential palace.
  28. Ghada Ragab, the actress who does porn grade films and defended Mubarak and his regime (she lead a counter January 25th revolution protest) joined the protest against president Morsi.  
  29. Ali Hajjar, the famous and beloved pan-Arab singer joined the anti-Morsi march--he also protested against the Mubarak regime while he was in Spain in 2011.
  30. Ehab Tawfik, the singer who has switched to religious songs marched to the presidential place.
  31. Hala Sarhan, the well--known and mostly hated Egyptian media personality and presenter rallied against the Brotherhood and the regime.  
  32. Mai Kassab, the young TV actress and songstress who has a song where she mocks and insults the post January 25th national mood found no harm in calling on the president to quit as she marched.
  33. Hanan, Mottawie also does not approve of Morsi's rule and marched with those like minded entertainers. 
  34. Hamid El Shari, the Libyan music producer and radio owner walked around the demonstrations but carried no signs against the regime in Egypt.  
  35. Jamil Rattib, the legendary actor marched with his family against the regime. The celebrated actor is not known for his political affiliation or activism.
  36. Tamer Ashour, rallied with the millions against regime. He was accompanied by many friends and entertainers. He also had a song two days ago with the tittle Pharaoh. 
  37. Hany Salamah, the handsome Egyptian actor with a big TV drama set to release in a week joined the protesters and called for president Morsi to take the door. 
  38. Rania Fareed Shawki, did also take part of a march against the Egyptian regime. 
  39. Randa Al Bahiry, the actress who never had trobule finding work, is unhappy with the perfromance of the president and she wants him out--she joined the rallies. 
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