Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WATCH: This Song Mocks Tamer Hosny Of Egypt بالصور شعر الصدر يُغضب تامر حسني وجمهوره من محمد هنيدي

Once popular singer and a golden hit-maker in Arabic pop, Tamer Hosny continues to be a punchline in Egyptian pop culture. Funny man Mohammad Hineedi who has a humorous show played a character similar to Tamer Hosny. We know this because both the popular singer and the character brag about their chest hair and manly tributes.  

I do not know if the intent was to offend the singer or mock him, but it seems that a large fan base for Tamer Hosny has taken offense to the show. The song is titled my "chest hair" and goes into details about the hair and how natural it is. But this is a very long joke.

To be frank, I thought the title was bizarre, but then when I read the headline about Tamer Hosny I felt it's justified. The thing about Tamer is that he cannot take a joke and has in the past threatened to sue those who mock him.  

بالصور شعر الصدر يُغضب تامر حسني وجمهوره من محمد هنيدي

اغنية محمد هنيدي - شعر في صدري 2013 pRoFMaZziKa


  1. you can't sue people who mock you. There is no anti-mock law that a lawyer would take as a case. People mock each other all the time. He should just ignore it instead of threating people. It comes with the territory of beeing a celebrity if you choose to be in the spotlight. If he can't handle it then he should not be a celebrity.He seems 'sue happy' like the Americans.