Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where My Palestinians At? This Flag Song Is For You

Palestinians are trying to get used to being almost a member state of the United Nation. So the Authority in the land is beefing up their efforts to milk this for all it is worth. They have a postal stamp--never mind that the post office is non-existent. And now they will use Palestine as a state on the passports they issue.

More joy for me, here's a song about the flag by a proud local artists with a not so much artsy name Abdel Rahamn Alqam. I like the fife/flute you hear throughout the song. The chorus does a good job keeping the flow. Props to the artists who made the music video--we suck at making music videos and this one is an attempt.

عليَ ورفرف ياعلم٬ غناء عبد الرحمن علقم٬ فلسطين


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