Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aly Hussain The Other All Egyptian Star

Aly Hussain could have spelled his name Ali Hussein and there would be no need for spell check. But who am I to tell one of Egypt's finest male voices what to do? Aly is your unconventional artist. He could have been happily working as a busy wedding singer, but he was seeking something bigger. He is an artists not just a performer.

I give him my respect for that. The shy sounding guy who comes from upper Egypt has made waves a year prior to the revolution in Egypt. I was hoping his homeboy Mohammed Mounir would give him a hand by sharing the stage with him, but so far Mounir seems not interested.  

Aly makes good music, his voices turns even average songs into a warm fuzzy emotional affiar. He has about a dozen romantic songs. I like the kind of choices he makes and think he is a nice guy with a real talent that only few have. Most of us see him as something more than a guy with a good voice, he comes from rich musical culture that often goes unnoticed.

If I am Aly, I would try yo get booked in Lebanon or do a duet with one of those talented all Lebanese voices and meet him in the middle. This would give him new wings

على حسين عاشق ولهان


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