Thursday, July 4, 2013

Listen: Assala & Hossam Habib " Balady " " اصاله & حسام حبيب " بلدي #Egypt

There are two voices from different sides of the art spectrum. But when they say June 30, they had to sing for it and came the track you are about to hear. For Egypt brought together the Syrian Assala and the charming Egyptian Hossam Habib. This is a creative song that comes free of politics and free of divisive issues. I can roll with that

I must say, I love the fresh beat, I cannot put my hand on it on it, but the mixing is very interesting and we have not seen like it before. This song is about Tunisia/Syria/Egypt and any other country one can think of right now. The only reason those two artists came together is the music label to thank. Countries of the Arab Spring will find this song special....I find the song timely and riveting.

Assala has let is known she supports the revolution in Syria...when it came to Egypt, she has been a follower. As for Hossam Habib, he has stayed away from politics, but this song says it loud, Egypt he is in love with you and your Nile

Assala & Hossam Habib " Balady " " اصاله & حسام حبيب " بلدي