Monday, July 29, 2013

Listen: UTN1 - Iraqi Medley / يو تي إن وان - ميدلي عراقي #Iraq

The boys are back in town, the Iraqi boys are back in your town. Very few music genres can touch your soul and ticket your spirit like Iraqi music. That unmistakably Iraqi melody shoots straight to the heart and the boys of UTN1 know how to make Iraqi lyrics  sync with modern-day musical tastes. Here's a melody of their finest original Iraqi songs.

While the songs are exclusive to the band, the feelings they inspire are universal. Most Iraqi songs are about home and family, but to my ears, I hear a lot of pain that is both loud yet unspoken, UTN1 captures those stories from the motherland like so many before them. The one thing they do differently (and do well) is make Iraqi music appealing to those who do not know the back story. This is refreshing as they tour in North America/Europe and share their music with wider audiences.

Iraqi music is a global music know as the diaspora has never found comfort in any other music than the ones made at home by their peers. So, let's invite good music into our homes, and allow it to land in our hearts as we collectively pray for a better and brighter Iraq.

UTN1 - Iraqi Medley / يو تي إن وان - ميدلي عراقي


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