Friday, July 19, 2013

Ragheb Alama Works On Renewable Energy

Lebanese super star Ragheb Alama has found another thing to do with his time--renewable energy. Ragheb Alama is one of the United Nations climate change ambassadors, and under that capacity he was attending the international summit on future energy in the capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi.

The summit was held near a garbage processing facility, one of the initiatives the city has undertaken. Renewable Energy has been a popular term in the Gulf where certain government are racing to lead on this emerging field. Among projects is the recycling and reducing waste.

Ragheb Alama has a reputation among people in the show biz, he is a bit of a ladies man--I have not verified this personally but I hear stories. I am glad to see him placing his energy somewhere where all hands are in deck. Ragheb Alama presence and star power bring an attention to this timely matter.  


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