Monday, July 29, 2013

Listen: Fadel Shaker Is NOT Dead, here's his new song فضل شاكر يعود في "تأهب مثل أهبة ذي كفاح"

The Lebanese crooner cum violent extremist is out with a new song to debunk rumors of his death. He is doing a song or (Nasheed) that was circulated ten years ago be the king of Terror Osama Bin Laden. The lyrics are taken from a poem that predates Islam, by the poet Jasas Bin Murah. The song has a line about Iran, Fadel Shaker types blame Iran for their pitfall.

Fadel Shaker is Wanted for the Lebanese army on charges of murder and half dozen other crimes punishable by law. This is a very sweet poem about being right and being the underdog--not sure if it applies to Fadel Shaker and his comrades. The song is about being free and it appeals to follow brethren to join in. I would rather die than live humiliated.

The song says, I am banned from visiting my own country, all those sell-outs and naysayers try to assassinate me, the fingers of the low-lives are pointing my direction and that's because I sing the truth and seek my dignity with a gun. He thinks he is some kind of hero, whatever you think of him--this is a very emotional poem.

حصرياً 28-7-2013// نشيد تأهب مثل أهبة ذي الكفاح // للمجاهد الحاج فضل شاكر حفظه الله

"تأهب مثل أهبة ذي كفاح" للفنان المعتزل فضل شاكر


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