Thursday, July 4, 2013

WATCH: The June 30th "Revolution" Song By Angham اغنية انغام - بلدى | كاملة | جديد

Angham might have the June 30th movement. Last revolution Mohammad Mounir did that song, this year it seems Angham has that honor. Two things, Angham was not a great daughter to her father, their feud is well known. Two did did not sing when Mubrak was given the boot. She released a new song less than 24 hours after the president was kicked out by a military coup.

But she is now happy to take on Morsi. Angham did protest, she marched, and she signed one of those I  rebel forms. She has posed for pictures and marched to the place and now comes her new song Balady "My Country" I do like the lyrics. She will always be one of my all time favorite female singers. However, I am holding to see how this thing turns out. We first cheer, and then comes the question marks. One thing though, people in the Streets of Egypt seem to be giddy. I wish them well.

Angham on her part she dedicated the song to the revolutionaries in her country--she really knows who they are this time around.

اغنية انغام - بلدى | كاملة | جديد

اغنية انغام - بلدى | كاملة | جديد


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