Monday, July 8, 2013

WATCH: Zee Zee Adel New #Egypt Song 2013 كليب زيزى عادل - فرحة بجد | جديد

This is the second song by Zee Zee Adel about/for Egypt. The song radiates happiness over the regime change in Egypt. Seriously, the brotherhood had no friends in the show business. Zee Zee Adel who almost won the star Academy title years ago is back with a new single about this real joy.

Zee Zee is throwing her hat in the Egypt,  love you song race. She is a sassy song just like she knows how to make them best. I love the incredible Arial shots of the protests in Egypt. I must say the army might have given her special aces. I think the issue many folks get it wrong, Islam is compatible with democracy, but not liberalism.  The lyrics have been written by one of those army press releases---we want everyone take part of this change--it's the brotherhood we do not care for.

The young songstress affixed her image to the music video, but kept the video about the shot taken by the army helicopters.

كليب زيزى عادل - فرحة بجد | جديد


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