Monday, July 22, 2013

WATCH: #Egypt Army Propaganda Karim Mohsen - Leya El Sharaf / كريم محسن - ليا الشرف

Some men like to wear uniforms, and pretend they are bigger men when they talk about guns and armies. Pop stars are no different, actors act as tough guys, singers make music videos for and with the army. This is not limited to Egypt, but more and more one sees this happening after the generals of the army kicked out a democratically elected president and continues to detain him.

But, that does not seem to stop entertainers from signing praises to their country's army. They sing for the tough guys and show them train....this is nice. Question, when was it last time these guys went to combat? No question, Egyptians love their army--it's the least corrupt entity and everyone is welcome to serve. The question is about politics, not patriotism.

Karim Mohsen--is a favorite of mine joins the forces and sing for the army--his song reads like a press release from the army. The song also celebrates police officers--the ones who shot hundreds of people in January 25th. I take issue with saying that he respects the old man--but no one in the state run media seems to extend that courtesy to Morsi.

Karim Mohsen - Leya El Sharaf / كريم محسن - ليا الشرف


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