Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Listen: The Fat (Phat) Chick Song By Sarah El Gohary

Sarah El Gohary wants us to know the following, one can by fat yet sexy, one can be fat yet talented  She wrote a song driven from a real story when she met with a guy who could finance her music, he dismissed her and told her she is a little overweight.

So she wrote a song about/for fat people out there who are sexy beasts. he title is Ballouna "Balloon". The Egyptian by the way of the UAE entertainer has been doing indie concerts and gaining up followers online. Her style is a little fusion of African and Arabic.

I like her voice and her persona, she is the real gal trying to sing from the heart and inspire people.

Sarah El Gohary - Ballouna | سارة الجوهري - بلونه

Sarah El Gohary - Ghalat | سارة الجوهري - غلط