Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Listen: Kareem Ya Ramadan - Dalal Abu Amneh كريم يا رمضان - دلال أبو آمنة

For those who observe the holy month, many consider themselves lucky to live lived to see another Ramadan. As many of us are no so lucky, when you live with this creed, every day becomes a precious gift. The Palestinian diva Dalal Abu Amneh has a beautiful Ramadan song filled with good wishes for those who observe the month. The music seems to have borrowed a chapter from the Arabic music library that came in the fifties of the last century. 

Dalal has manged to make a Ramadan song an instant classic. She has the golden voice, and now adds a convincing Egyptian dialect that makes the song a whole lot more exciting. I love how she hits the high notes to make the song a musical treat, but the lyrics are a delight for all. This is fresh as most songs (and they are many) about Ramadan are not that complex musically. She songs offers a right balance of sweet, fun, spirituality and good deeds. 

Dalal knows the month means different things to different people, so her songs has something for everyone. The music is pleasing to the air and the soul, the lyrics remind us why this month is special. On another note, the song will be well received by the little ones--she bribes them with her fine lines about having dessert and sweets. I think the artists sold them well on this month. 

Kareem Ya Ramadan - Dalal Abu Amneh كريم يا رمضان - دلال أبو آمنة


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