Monday, July 1, 2013

Listen: The Syrian Party Song By Sarya Sawas سارية السواس مامليت 2013

I love me a strong female with a solid voice that can rock the house. Those are not easy to find nowadays. Guys have always talked about mastering the low and high pitch. They are in for a treat when they play a record by Syrian Sarya Sawas. Sarya made it big with the release of this dancey track, where it was met by a huge celebration.

I love the desert style and Bedouin dialect that Sarya brings back with force and such an incredible energy. The daughter of Homs is a worthy diva of the long standing Syrian music tradition. She has started singing early on and she has released seven albums (including two in 2009, and two in 2011) She is comfortable speaking in a dialect, most like to overlook--the same dialect their own ancestor spoke. 

If you want catch and hip music, go to Lebanon, if you want the real deal, something born out of tradition hit the Syrian music scene. Sarya is nothing short of spectacular. I love how this one Syrian star find a home in most Arab homes...Jordan adores her, the Gulf appreciate her style, the Iraqis blaze the dance floor with her music. Lebanese who like originality swoon over her.
سارية السواس مامليت 2013


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