Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mohamed Hassan No Violence Soccer Song #Egypt

Port Said, the city that was accused of being the home of the soccer field massacre more than a year ago is striking back. One of the children of this city is young singer Mohamed Hassan who just released a song to promote positive sport and shun hate. He got the help of many soccer players who share the message with him, as they all get ready to reboot the league games.

Soccer stars from both major clubs were present. Al Ahly sent in Ahmed Shideed Qanawy and Walid Sliman, Al Zamalek sent in Hazim Imam, Ahmed El Shinawy, Ahmed Hassan as well as others from other clubs. This is a timely song with a serious chance of doing something.

Soccer fans can be violent, but they will get crazy if politics or ethnicity gets thrwon in the mix--we do not have issues with drunkenness as far as I can tell. The club that sponsored the song and the video is the Port Said Club who launched the song and sent it as a gift from Al Masry Club--one of their star players appear in the music video.

You can see many touching images from past games, I hope the positive message gets communicated. Do your part, root for your team and hope for the best. The Egyptian soccer clubs get a shout out, this is a nationalistic feel, it calls for unity. I like the song, but I think the music could have been be more upbeat.

محمد حسن - مفيش تعصب - Mohamed Hassan - Mafesh Ta3ssob -


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