Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Listen: To Death Take Me نصرت البدر - على الموت اخذنه #Iraq

Legend has it, a local wedding in Iraq was in full swing, but they got a word that one of their relatives has passed away. The family wanted to delay their wedding, but the family of the deceased refused as the wedding was already happening and they cost a fortune. So the family that has a wedding played a song about death, mixing joy with death. This was a compromise

The song made it big and many may not like it, but that back story puts it in prospective. They song is a popular track playing around Iraq and many people find themselves in this song as death seems to surround them.  It's a long song where one can dance to it, the beat is very Iraqi, and it might have been ripped from religious Shi'ite songs.

Iraqi music critics maintain, since the nineties nothing good has happened to the Iraqi song. It's all about money, anyone who has it can release a song and market it in those crappy days. All the good poets and lyricists have either abandoned Iraq or passed away leaving those half baked talents in charge. While the real artists have left and live away form home--people behind those songs live away form home inside it. I also think this is apart for the existence of many under-regulated Iraqi TV networks broadcasting from places like Jordan and Syria to the local Iraqi market.

نصرت البدر - على الموت اخذنه


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