Monday, July 8, 2013

Video: Must-Watch Muslim Brotherhood Rap #Egypt أغنية "راب" إخوانية تهدد تمرد ومتظاهري 30 يونيو

I look the the state of Egyptian TV and conclude Freedom of speech is a bitch. Some rapper knocked down those who attack the Muslim government with humor and rhymes. His flow is freaking incredible and his likes are clever and pretty telling. Those who do not like President Morsi liked to use humor to belittle him. Let's see try to locate their funny bone once they watch this humorous rap song that puts them to shame.

This is an attempt at being cool, the Islamic political parties trying to respond to their foes and critics. He really mocks the June 30 movement. He calls them mice in one line, but all in good humor. I am more impressed by his funny lines--and his knowledge of pop culture. People  who look like this rapper often get misrepresented. His name is Abdallah Al Sherif and he also wrote the lyrics for this rap.

Well done Abdallah, I cannot wait for the encore. I like the various videos shot to make this music video, I also like his collection of tees. I may not agree with everything he says, but I know I have enjoyed watching his near perfect rap.

أغنية "راب" إخوانية تهدد تمرد ومتظاهري 30 يونيو


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