Friday, July 12, 2013

Dina Hayke, The Nostalgic Days Performance

Among the many fun pop stars, Dina Hayek stands tall. One thing thought, she does not as songs as we would like her to. She is extremely talented, passionate and has a strong voice that sounds good on records as well as in live concerts.

Aside from the troubles she has had with her surgeries, I have not heard much from her, she has been trying to do more interviews, but those are hard when you do not have new projects to talk about. I was reminded how special she is when I watched her performance of this older songs of hers.

She has always been a cool cat, and boy those good looks are never going away. Her most recent performance came at Beirut Regency Palace Hotel

Dina Hayek- Baddi 7abibi دينا حايك - بدي حبيبي


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