Friday, July 5, 2013

Listen: #Egypt Wael Jassar - Maser Hora / اغنية وائل جسار - مصر حرة 201

Some parts of Egypt have been set on fire as we speak. But that won't stop Wael Jassar from releasing his new single, Free Egypt to add his voice to the history that will tell the story--that has yet to be understood.  Wael is a talented artist with a heart of gold. In Egypt he has so many fans all over the map and he has not disappointed the loving people of Egypt.

This is about the free will of the people--but which people? They ones who gave Morsi 51 percent of the cotes last year or the 25 millions who marched the streets to protest the sitting president? I do not know, I only hope this ends well for the sake of Egypt, its people and those who love them

اغنية وائل جسار مصر حرة | النسخة الاصلية | 2013


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