Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Blues Of Mohamed Mohie

Egyptian pop star Mohamed Mohie wanted a singing career, so he started by joining a backup singers for a then popular singer Hussam Hosny. The two were living on the same block. Years later he was picked up by music producer and music arranger Hamid El Shari who introduced him with a single.

Mohie stuck with Hamid, together they produced a number of songles that were released in collection albums  Later Mohie would get his now album deal and break the mold with his different style. He was the sorrow friendly voice. At his time, most pop songs were happy, let's dance. Mohie stuck to a different shade of pop and it served him well.

One thing to keep on mind, Mohie hates being in the spotlight, he does not do interviews. That would not help him in this age of obsession. He often sings about non-love matters in addition to romance. He sings for friends, life and everyday realities. He would alter become an icon and other stars would copy and mimic him. He did help introduce us to among them: Essam Karika, Mostafa Kamel, Sherien and others.

He is that high school kid that never spoke and was never seen with the cool kids. He is often thought to have quit the show biz, but he has said, I will never quit. This is because he does not speak to the media as often they like. He also records songs from films and TV shows. His last album came in 2008 and was a treat as it offered a number of different songs in versatile styles.

Mohamed Mohie " El so3'yar " / " محمد محى" الصغير

Mohamed Mohie " Ba7baak " / " محمد محى " بحبك


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