Monday, July 22, 2013

WATCH: The Muslim Brotherhood Gets Its Own Jon Stewart (And He Is Funny Too) #Egypt

Bassem Yousef hated Morsi and mocked him every chance he could, now he is trying to distance himself from what he has been saying for more than a year. What has been dubbed as Egypt's Jon Stewart now is changing his talking points and even attacking those who attack Morsi. Too bad he did not do it before the army took over.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood wants to tell jokes too and for that, they have a new celebrity who has a new show  with jokes and tons of humor. The show host Khalid Attieh is new at this, but I like the clips he puts to good use. I expect he might be doing few more of those. He is animated and he looks clean, I have actually enjoyed his material. This might be some serious contender unlike the previous copy-cats. I think the bit he had against the Salafi party (Al Nour) that sided with the army.

I like his style and enjoy what he has to say about the situation in Egypt, his all-Egyptian style of comedy reminds me of Bassem Yousef in 2011 when he was a scrappy show. Will Khalid do more YouTube clips? I say, his first video was a hit. As for those who say he is copying Bassem--he is, but did not Bassem Yousef copy Jon and did not Jon copy someone else?

Khalid is telling the jokes that Bassem Yousef does not have the gut to do. While I admire him, I think this phase more people disagree with him than before. Thus Khalid Attieh has a chance those folks.

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