Sunday, July 28, 2013

First There Was Love, Hate Is What Followed Anwar Nour - Krahini - أنور نور - كرهيني

Hate me as soon as you get a chance, you really do not have time is how the new single of Anwar Nour kicks off. This song by yet another devilishly handsome looking young man with a romantic way. I love the portion where he blames the society for being cruel. This is true....they will prey on people's lives. They beat the man when he is down.

Now, this is a song we do not get often, because its level of honesty is refreshing. Then the radio interview intermission is clever  sometimes we really do not know if we are in a relationship or not--yes that's why they have the it's complicated button.

The song aims to tell a story that has been told in many tongues. Lyrics have been crafted by Fares Iskander and the music belongs to Salim Salamah--this duo is the A team from romantic songs. I am impressed how a young star was able to land both talents for his single. This is a catchy song with a serious emotional dose, I come to appreciate the varying notes Anwar strikes.  

Video Clip Anwar Nour - Krahini - أنور نور - كرهيني


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