Saturday, July 27, 2013

Most Awkward Interview With Houssam Madanieh

Artists are strange, some of them know how to be a social butterfly, others are as awkward as hell. The interviewer tell him, we have missed you....he breaks the awkward silence by saying, "I miss me too" Then the interviewer tries to figure out a good approach to get the musicians to speak.

Houssam Madanieh is the Syrian name who took part of the beloved hit show Super Star, he has released two albums and has worked with Rotana. At the moment he is talking about the pains of Syria.   He is talking about his album not being available for purchase, even though the company liked the album--which he has worked on for two years.

The 2009 album was supposed to be good, but for some reason it did not get its deserved marketing. Houssam seems to be in pain over Syria, but if his music speaks, he is saying, do not let the strangers dictate things on us. I like the old world flavor the artist's voice comes wrapped in

The folksy sounding artist is talking up a new single he is about to make available. I love the lute striking skills that accompany his voice. 

Houssam Madanieh - Interview At Musicnation حسام مدنية في مكاتب


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