Friday, July 19, 2013

The Fresh Mint Song Is Meant For Arabs

Mounir is a brand in Egypt, the rock star and local music hero keeps on making them hits, and upbeat concerts. He is a winner in every field and a player in every sense of the word. He is the perfect entertainer with many opinions on live politics and business. He has been making music for 3 dacades and has always given us good if not great songs.

He has groupies and roadies who adore the legend and his show. He has a school of his own really, cream of the crop. And his formula is well known bu few can crack it....make simple songs about everyday stuff, get inspired by the music of the streets and the rich heritage. Bring your A game and work with only those who know your history and stature.  

Mounir is the perfect vessel for a broad message of unity, defiant self-respect and personal liberty, themes that the pop star returns to over and over again in each of his best selling albums. The artist born in the overlooked towns of southern Egypt is writing music for the People of the World, so his message needs to be clear as he stands perched upon the massive, gaudily ornate platform he and his collaborators have constructed for this moment.

Above this music Mounir addresses freedom in its many forms. The track he makes are sweet and sharply composed. He is funky, and even slows it down, employs a new beat pattern, ditches the hard bass-kick and travels to a more nuanced place. But after such an extensive rollout, a few clever lines and a choice hook, drum fill, vocal run isn't nearly enough. Mounir is all about pushing musical boundaries as he has political ones.

This is an all Egyptian self-made man whose personal life is a mystery to far too many of us.

نعناع الجنينه - Auc - محمد منير -Ultras MouniRian-


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