Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WATCH: The Real Myriam Klink Stand Up? #Lebanon

She is one of Lebanon's most news making young woman, a model who has a lot of opinions to share with the world, like her most recent declaration, "I am the most beautiful woman in Lebanon"

This would be something, we can overlook, but knowing that this young woman has released a conflicting music video. In that music video which she has titled "Klink Revolution" she dances in front of her grandfather's grave.  No lyrics, nothing, just a sleaze fest. Not knowing her, she looks like your average plastic pop star who tend to come from some Beirut family. She seems to spend her time watching bad TV shows and trying to utilize that to her service.

In her most recent interview with Elaph, she had a lot to say:

As for that music video she spoke on the record, that her three minute clip music video has helped get her name out there, others have not reached that level of fame in years. Klink argued that even Russian and Turkish news picked up on her music video. She added, that she has changed the way the West look at the Arabs as conservative, an image her music video has shattered.

She was interviewed by Elaph, when she was asked about giving herself a title QMK or (Queen Myriam Klink). She ruled out her copying MJK title my Haifa Wehbe. She is a big fan of Hiafa whose stardom she cannot deny, but they are not to be compared.

Klink concluded that she has happy to live in a democratic country where she is allowed to work in whichever profession she chooses. She is a model, but has entered the music video business for fun. She has other things she is working on like advocacy on behalf of women, youth and the environment. She has also brought up the topic of running for parliamentarian election.

QMK - KLINK REVOLUTION - Official Video Clip - Music by Osane

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