Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WATCH: Ghada Rajab - Yalla Ya Masryeen - غاده رجب - يلا يا مصريين #Egypt

Egyptian classical music diva Ghada Rajab did march against the rule of the Brotherhood. She camped out with the protesters and sang with them patriotic songs. Now, she releases a song of her own "Let's Go Egyptians" an upbeat songs that celebrates the army and the people. She is very excited about this new change. Somehow the images brag about pissing off President Obama.

She calls the revolution/ military coup the fourth pyramid of Egypt--a monument that was built in two days goes the song. This is a political song, it does take sides. I think Ghada might have things to regret about her over-excitement when things are unclear. One thing though, she is an awesome entertainer who have never been a commercial success.

"Let's show the world" goes the song. Here;s what I think what will happen...when president Muris asked protesters to leave the Squares during his one year tenure. They responded, not until you answer our demands. Now, I see his supporters will do the same thing. The trouble is this has always had a negative impact on the economy.  welcome to democracy by the mob.

WATCH: Ghada Rajab - Yalla Ya Masryeen - غاده رجب - يلا يا مصريين #Egypt


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