Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Made This Tamer Hosny Fan Mad---read her comment

From a Tamer Hosny die-hard fan who had this to say about the artist and myself. I find those comments interesting.

Tamer Delarosa Once popular singer?? Enta ahbal (Are you an Idiot?)?? He is the only Singer in the arab world that has over 6 million fans on Facebook, the only one that has reached over 138 million views on his youtube Channel.. His latest album has reached over 20 million views so far on utube, and over 66 million downloads on He is currently working with the biggest name in the world such as Shakira, Akon, jLo, snoop, chris brown, pitbull, Rihanna, T-pain and alot of more dominating worldstars (and you accuse him of paying them and all that bullshit)...alot of people has always something to say about this artist, jealousy wont make him less popular, so 7terem nafsak (resepct yourself) and choose your words wisely before you pick on the biggest star in the mideast! And if there is an artist that can take à joke about himself then it is Tamer, didnt you ser Omar w Salma 2 where he joked about his eyebrows and chesthair, and have you actually heard Tamer say in a filmed interview that he wants to sue those who mocks him, no, because the newspapers makes up all kind of shit, exactly as you are doing, if you want your blog to get famous then try to feed us with some honesty..

تامر حسني و الأكل المغربي - Tamer Hosny And The Moroccan Food


  1. I think his music is good. I used to be a fan of him. I just don't like all of his song lyrics as they are made for 17 year old high school girls. I stopped beeing his fan when I learned unfortnately, about his real character. He is fake, liar,has no respect from women, game player, selfish, greedy, inconsiderate, to competitive for my taste. He always just seems to want to be the best from everything. His ego is to huge! Its a turn off... you know.... My CD player is rocking someone else since a while now. Unfortunately, I can't listen to an Artist just for their music. I gotta like their character, style, behavior, behavior towards women, in order for me to spend my money on them if its a music CD or a concert. I boycott Tamer HOSNY. Thanks to Allah I am not living in the Middle East. I am not stucked with having to see his face on every music chanel 24/7. He is not famous outside of the Middle East where he is on the local music chanel. Adios Amigos! Have a good life in Egpyt!

  2. It sounds like a monopol where you are forced to listen to Tamer music. Lol
    Allow people freedom of speech and choice.Such dictators...

  3. If he is collabarating with such big name world stars as listed above he is then collabarating with the illuminati. That's a promising future! They love to pray to the devil! Hey, don't believe me? Its all over youtube! Do your own research. You don't have far to search. They all been exposed thanx to utube. There is a saying: if you make a pitfall for others to fall, you end up falling yourself!