Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shamandora, Mohamed Mouner King Of Live Music

Mohamed Mouner does concerts different. his understanding of live performances is close of the Western one, it's not just a guy or a girl with a mike and some nobody in the back making noise. It's a complete show. This might be partially due to his African affinity.

Dance and music made by local instruments make up the show, a different flavor that people flock to attend. Unlike many singers whose idea of concert is some cute outfit--a a pair of jeans and open shirts. He does live music on the spot. That maneas no lip synching.

That's why Mouner is a big ticket in places outside Arabia, he gets it. He works hard to connect with the people at the venue. He is loose that way...and thus his music comes unforced. This concert was filmed in 2003, in Europe.
Shamandora - Mohamed Mouner شمندوره - حفلة - محمد منير


  1. His music doesn’t change after a long year. Hope to see him with more concerts.

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