Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coming Soon: "Because I'm an Arab" Palestinian Hip Hop By Mik Eraif & Charlie Shaabi

Coming Soon 

( Because I'm an Arab ? Greatest hits album by MWR - Palestinian Hip Hop and Exclusive By Mik Eraif & Charlie Shaabi (Dj Chuck)).

Exclusive Product By : Mik Eraif

Title Of Album : Because I'm an Arab

Artist : MWR ( Mahmood Shalabi - Waseem Akar - Richard Savo ) 

Featuring: DAM, SAZ, WE7, khalifa E, PR, Arapeyat, Abeer Alzinaty, North life & Suhiel Fodi
Year Of Release : 2013

Current Location : Acre, Palestine

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Reggae

Type : Greatest hits album

Price : FREE for a limited time

Discs : 1 Compact disc

Format : MP3 (High-definition Compact disc)

Quality : 128 kbps I 44.1 Khz I Stereo

Record Label : Charlie Shaabi (Dj Chuck)


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