Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Listen: Rashid Al Majid New Single راشد الماجد سموم و دموع

Rashid Al Majid has his own recording company, and he packs so much talent that he can record a new song a week, and sell very well. He is the statesman of the Gulf song, he is not old, but he is mature and seasoned. The older singers in that part of the world respect him and the young ones feel that they can relate to him. Because, he dominated the Arab pop charts when he felt like it, but then scaled back to do local songs for the Gulf market.

He is not interested in being popular in larger markets. It's enough for him, that he pulled a stunning sales and introduced the Gulf song as a hip alternative. Prior to his arrival, the song is all about poetry and local melodies that lacks energy and excitement. Now, he falls back with the new single titled "Tears and Poison" a sobering song with a mellow melody.

In other news, Rashid will be overseeing the production of the new album by the Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf. This is a collaboration many cannot wait for. Something tells me, Assaf will do an original song for the Gulf dialect.

راشد الماجد سموم و دموع


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