Monday, July 1, 2013

Listen: Hot Off The Press #Egypt Song By Karim Mohsen اغنية كريم محسن - بحبك اوى يا بلادى

This is the time to love Egypt--all of it. This is the time to love all its people without hate and vilification of those one does to agree with. At the end, they are from that land, and went to school/served int he army with you. It's so easy to hate, but in the process, one loses his soul. The country need people with good souls to rebuild it. Evil people do not build nations.

Karim Mohsen is one of my all-time favorite young stars. I like him because he also makes music for his songs, so he has doubled the talent dose. In his song he mentions praying, but also falling in love. He talks about having a poster of a Turkish actor in his room and soccer but also history and the language.

 I think this is a great choice for a song at this critical time. Karim is the fresh prince of pop in Egypt and to the world. He is a patriot who declares how much he loves the land. This is a gratitude song.

 اغنية كريم محسن - بحبك اوى يا بلادى | جامدة


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