Thursday, July 18, 2013

WATCH: The Seizure-Inducing Younis - Ya Allah / يونس - يا الله #Ramadan

Every Ramadan, we get some new singer doing a spiritual Ramadan song, this year, we have young Younis and he is here to pray and worship on screen in the hopes you would too. This is not the kind of song to jam to it, but a song of reflection.

This is a good attempt by a sweet guy with a decent voice--the camera movements will make you dizzy. I am serious, it's insane how quick the images change. You may get seizure from it. I welcome Younis to a long line of under-employed artists, but I know the deed he had on mind hit the mark. I also like his name it's a religious one Jonah and his well known trials of life.

Younis - Ya Allah / يونس - يا الله 


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