Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WATCH: تاكسي باند .. ف رمضان Taxi band .. f #Ramadan #Egypt

Taxi Band has gone away for some time, but they return in time for Ramadan with a heart-felt track welcoming the holy month. I love the classical opening with that song, that we love so much. This is a celebration of the month. This might be the one Ramadan that did not get many songs--most artists made happy songs about the removal of the Mursi regime.

Anytime, they are not doing raw political songs, it's a good song. This time they feel  lot more mellow and sweet all at once. I like the images accompanying the song--the mosque square. It's a song that urges forgiveness to those who wrong us. I like this song and the sweet feel that band creates as they play their instruments and let their vocals shine.

 تاكسي باند .. ف رمضان Taxi band .. f ramadan


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