Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lebanese Songstress Nahwa And The New Old-School

Nahwa is a rare gem among many super stars. She is a talented songstress who took a different route to fame. She sought to bring back an old style of music that has been missing for the past twenty years. She revived the folkloric passionate love song that speaks in the Bedouin tongue.

I tell you, she broke the mold by using one that we have forgotten about and have been missing. The world celebrated this Lebanese talent who gave her album a restlessness effort and a deep commitment that transformed the music scene. Her album was a big success, and the strange thing, Rotana was the creative force that brought back this style that they have helped bury by their neglect. 

While the album came in late summer 2012, the release party was getting on the way, the pres was there to talk to Nahwa about her blunt musical choice. I think the album has gone unnoticed in different markets -not in Lebanon. Do not miss her thick and authentic thick Arabic eyebrows.

Nahwa is not ruling out a followup album, where she will be singing in different dialects. But she is talking about her big thing, a new duet with a bi name--she is not saying. Hear her sing with no music, this girl has the smooth skil and the groovy voice.  

Nahwa - Album Launching & Interview نهوى


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